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Holy Smokes

nicotine-free / 20 grams / ± 35 smokes

Introducing Holy Smokes, a nicotine-free organic herbal blend thoughtfully crafted for a non-addictive tobacco-like smoking experience.

This blend of Raspberry Leaf, Green Tea and Chamomile burns and tastes similar to tobacco, but does not raise heart rate, blood pressure, or feelings of anxiety, unlike conventional tobacco. These medicinal herbs promote relaxation and offer a mindful smoking experience.

You can roll Holy Smokes on its own, or mix it with tobacco and other herbs. Also perfectly suitable to brew as tea, smoke with a pipe or burn as a loose incense.

Holy Smokes is a non-addictive and organic smoking blend, thoughtfully crafted for those seeking a tobacco alternative. Enjoy responsibly and with intention.


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Introducing Holy Smokes, a nicotine-free herbal smoking blend meticulously crafted to provide a non-addictive and tobacco-like smoking experience. This thoughtfully designed blend, featuring Raspberry Leaf, Green Tea, and Chamomile, offers a mindful and relaxing alternative to conventional tobacco.


Experience the familiar burn and taste of Holy Smokes, similar to tobacco but without the associated increase in heart rate, blood pressure, or anxiety. The medicinal herbs in this blend promote relaxation, ensuring a soothing and conscious smoking experience.

How to use

Roll Holy Smokes solo, or mix it with tobacco and other herbs. Additionally, it doubles as a delightful tea, ideal for smoking with a pipe, or as loose incense. It's important to remember that even though smoking organic herbs is safer and healthier than smoking conventional tobacco, smoking any substance carries health risks. Additionally, individual responses to herbal blends can vary, so it's crucial to use caution and moderation. If you have any underlying health conditions or concerns, it's advisable to consult with a healthcare professional before using any herbal smoking blend.


Carefully curated with Raspberry Leaf, Green Tea, and Chamomile, Holy Smokes offers an organic and non-addictive smoking blend. Crafted for those seeking a tobacco alternative, Holy Smokes invites you to enjoy responsibly and with intention.

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